September 29, 2022

BRINC Launches Global Rescue Network

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SEATTLEJuly 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BRINC is proud to announce the BRINC Global Rescue Network, dedicated to assisting humanitarian efforts around the world.

Our team is composed of two dozen public safety professionals, military veterans, and current/former professional drone racing league members located around the world. We will donate the use of equipment, staffing and expertise to support local first responders, NGOs and government agencies in natural disaster and humanitarian crisis situations. Our team has accrued more than 10,000 unmanned systems flight hours and has deployed to and/or operated drones in more than 55 countries.

Use cases will include emergency response, personnel recovery, route clearance, downed utilities inspection, rescue in GPS-denied and subterranean environments, reconnaissance of debilitated/structurally unsound buildings, search and rescue, HAZMAT missions, and all other use cases where our technology can help save lives.

The BRINC motto is, ‘Technology in the service of public safety’ and the BRINC Global Rescue Network is the embodiment of that mindset.

“After having the incredible experience of using our drones to help war victims in Ukraine and at the Champlain Towers collapse in Florida, I realized how much more we could do if we set ourselves up for it,” says Blake Resnick, the founder and CEO of BRINC. “That’s what BRINC Philanthropy is all about.”


The BRINC Global Rescue Network is dedicated to putting our state-of-the-art technology in the service of first responders and crisis teams in any situation where innocent lives are at stake.

We are neutral, non-partisan and philanthropic.


BRINC was incorporated after the October 2017 Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas that left 60 innocent people dead and over 500 injured. Our first drone products were designed to save lives and minimize danger during similar events.

Our technology is now used by hundreds of police departments and public-safety agencies.

In June 2021, we received a call from the Miami-Dade Police Department, Special Response Team, who were assisting Urban Search and Rescue, Florida Task Force One. The Champlain Towers, a 12-story beachfront condominium in the Miami suburb of Surfside, Florida, collapsed unexpectedly. Ninety-eight people died, and first responders on the ground needed a way to search and inspect a dangerous section of the remaining structure. We believed our LEMUR drone was capable of completing that mission.

Eighteen hours later, we had a team on the ground and ready to deploy our technology. The LEMUR completed multiple subterranean flights in zero-light, rubble-filled environments and ultimately discovered unknown structural damage that threatened the first responders on site. BRINC’s LEMUR helped inform the Emergency Response Team’s next steps to ensure that no additional casualties occurred.

In February 2022, BRINC connected with first responders in Ukraine to deploy the LEMUR for a similar use case. Apartment buildings hit by Russian missiles had to be rapidly and safely searched for survivors. Within a few weeks, we had teams in Poland training Ukrainian emergency responders, leaving them with 10 donated systems. With the financial support of friendly allied nations, we were able to later supply the Ukrainians with dozens more of our systems.

These experiences inspired us to formalize and streamline a system for donating the use of our equipment, staffing and expertise to humanitarian efforts. With this in place, we can reduce our own response time and swiftly get our technology into the field.



Technology in the service of public safety.

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