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Station Launches, Protects and Recharges Drones

<5 Sec Deployment Time
Weather Resistant with HVAC
Large Vehicle Mountable
Charge 0 to 90% in 35 Minutes
Starlink / Solar Compatible
Corrosion Resistant
Standard Power Input
Integrated HVAC

Drone as First Responder

How it Works

Call for Service Initiated

A call for service location is received through CAD, ALPR, gunshot detection system or other integration.
Live Audio via Live911
GPS Data via Live911
CAD Integrations

Drone Deployed

The teleoperator receives call information, checks weather and airspace conditions in LiveOps, then deploys the drone to the service location.
Station Deployment
City Wide Path Planning

Drone Arrives

Drone video feeds are streamed to patrol, command staff, dispatch, and RTCC monitors.
View Live Streams
Activate Lights and Siren
Communicate with 2-Way Comms

Drone Returns

Call concludes, drone automatically locates the nearest available Station, flies there, lands and begins recharging.
Land Autonomously
Recharge Automatically
Deploy Again

Expansive Ecosystem for Advanced Operations

BRINC works with agencies to identify, install and maintain the additional infrastructure needed for scalable, BVLOS operations without a visual observer (VO).

Enhanced Coverage

Add additional antenna masts for increased mesh network connectivity.

Airspace Deconfliction

Understand everything in the air with ground based radar and ADS-B.

Local Weather Data

Assess real-time conditions and plan flights accordingly.

Antenna Mast #PS-006
Radar #PS-006
Drone Station #PS-006

Reliable, Rugged and Ready for Duty

Live Monitoring

Onboard camera for operational confidence.

Aluminum Frame

Lightweight yet robust, with excellent resistance to corrosion.

Temperature Controlled

Optimize battery charging, protect electronics, and improve reliability.

Streamlined Design

Simple design increases reliability for rapid deployments at scale.

Customized Markings

Tailored agency markings for public recognition and transparency.

Ready for Duty
Standard Power Input

Simply plug into a standard 120V outlet, no custom electrical work needed.

Replaceable Electronics Bay

Simplified repair/replace for maximum uptime.

Integrated Weather Sensor

Redundant measurements of local weather conditions.

Emergency Stop Button

Additional safety for routine operations.

Ethernet Port

Easily connect to the internet and integrate with other systems.

Remote Deployment Capable

Station is compatible with Starlink and solar panels to enable deployments anywhere.

Seamless Implementation, Fully Provided by BRINC


Complete set-up and configuration.


Comprehensive service and support.

Software Updates

Over the air updates improve reliability and enable you with the latest features.

Future Upgrades

Don’t get locked into obsolete hardware.

Part of the BRINC DFR Ecosystem

BRINC provides everything you need to start or scale a DFR program.

Outdoor Response
Drone Management Software

Start of the BRINC Fleet

Responder is the first of a new line of emergency response drones from BRINC. Work with us to design the future of public safety together.

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