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Free Grant Assistance

Expert grant consultants will guide you throughout the tedious grant process to put you on the right track to receiving a public safety grant. Advantages include:

  • – 1:1 unlimited, personalized grant consulting from senior grant consultants
  • – Customized grant research specific to the department’s funding needs
  • – Review of department grant narratives and applications
  • – Access to corporate grant finder
  • – Ongoing, pre-screened, product eligible and grant alerts
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BRINC supports you throughout the process

  1. Visit the BRINC page on Police Grants Help and fill out the form

    Submit your information and the Police Grants Help team will follow up promptly on next steps. This includes grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews from our team of grant experts.

  2. A Police1 representative will contact you immediately to collect more detailed information about your agency and drone program

    Fill out the second form to provide more in-depth information about your agencies needs

  3. Search the Police Grants Help free database

    Once you’ve filled out the second form, our team of experts will provide free grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews. Whether you’re just starting your project or need to add the final touches to an application, we are here for you.

  4. Apply for eligible grants

    Once you’ve selected appropriate grants to apply for, you have the option to use your own in-house grant writers or contract Police1 at a 50% discount for grant writing services.

  5. Submit your grant applications

    Sit back and wait until you receive your award

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