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Law Enforcement



Our communities have asked us to rethink law enforcement response. BRINC technology reimagines tactics by providing de-escalation tools that initiate contact without force for successful, peaceful resolutions.

Establishing communication
Clearing and searching rooms
Looking around corners and in attics
The unknown

BRINC Solutions




Deployable in


Perch time


Flight time


Turtle Mode


Vision Sensor




Video Signal


Shatters glass in

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Its feature set is perfect for law enforcement and we really enjoy our daily interactions with the company.

SPO at Atlanta Police Department Drone Unit

We embrace the LEMUR S because it's a force multiplier... it's a lot cheaper than a police officer.

Sheriff at Las Vegas Metro Police

We use LEMUR S to enter the structure prior to TRT officers, scout the interior, post up on a un-cleared stairwell...

Detective at Kansas City Police

We would like to thank the entire BRINC Team for their ingenuity which allows us to sleep better at night.

Lieutenant at Connecticut State Police

The customer service and training that come with the product are some of the best in the business.

Officer at Fort Wayne Police in Indiana

BRINC, their staff, their equipment training are second to none.

Lieutenant at Beverly Hills Police

It's invaluable. You can replace this, you can't replace an officer, so we're keeping our officers safe...

SWAT Commander at Las Vegas Metro Police

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BRINC is an American technology company building a new class of drones: First Responder drones. Our technology reduces risk for first responders, civilians, and suspects by sending in the drone first.

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Technology in the service of public safety.

5040 W. Post Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118

1055 N. 38th St.
Seattle, WA 98103