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Values & Ethics

Drones are a powerful technology

They have tremendous potential to make the world safer. Our duty is to bring these technologies into the world responsibly, and to ensure that they do good.

When built with the right safeguards and thoughtful design, and in a culture of transparency and collaboration, we know that our drones can protect both citizens and first responders, make the world a better place and save lives.

At BRINC we are committed to :

Never building tech designed to hurt or kill

Be open, honest and transparent

Move carefully and with purpose

Do the hard stuff

Build technologies designed to save lives

Listen to our customers and communuties


Be mindful of the implications of our work

These technologies are a part of our future. Let’s make sure that future is one we are all excited to live in.

Our Founder & CEO

Our mission at BRINC is to revolutionize public safety by leveraging technology to de-escalate dangerous situations. Each drone deployed to a dangerous situation is one less individual in harm’s way, and a potential life saved.

Blake Resnick

Founder & CEO, BRINC
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