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Our mission is to keep people safe in dangerous situations.

BRINC Drones Lemur made in USA

BRINC Drones is an American Company, engineering and building indoor/outdoor tactical robots in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently focused on the public safety market, we want to use drone technology to make the world a safer place for everyone.

Blake Resnick, Founder and CEO, is a Thiel Fellow and held prior positions at McLaren, Tesla, and DJI. The BRINC Drones team has talent sourced from NASA, JPL, FLIR, Pix4D, Aptiv, Raytheon, and other top aerospace and drone organizations.

You can't replace an officer SWAT teams push into high risk search, no-knock warrant, and barricade situations, endangering their lives. What we offer is a new search tool that will help facilitate breaching structures through windows and doors to execute interior searches.

We design powerful search and negotiation tools

Our first product, the LEMUR, was developed hand-in-hand with one of the busiest SWAT teams in the country: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

BRINC Drones LEMUR Drone Front

Born from advanced DHS research and a close developmental partnership with LVMPD SWAT, the LEMUR represents a new benchmark in tactical UAV capability.


Whatever the mission demands, the LEMUR is up for the challenge.

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search & rescue




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Live Demo

It is one thing to read the specs of our product and another to see it in action. Complete this form and a member of our team will contact you.

Consulting & Training

We are here to assist you even after your purchase is completed. After the purchase of a drone system, we require a 3-day intensive training. This mandatory training will cover the basics of flying the drone, night vision operation, setting up video feed and other important aspects of drone operation. This intensive training will also prepare you to perform maintenance and repairs on your airframe.

Loaner Program

Due to the nature of our technology and the way it is used, we expect our operators to crash the system and put it in dangerous situations. To ensure our customers never have down time, we offer a loaner guarantee. If you crash your system past normal repair and maintenance, you can send the drone back to our HQ and we will overnight you a loaner airframe to ensure your operations are not down because of repair time.

Grant Assistance program

Every year, more than $8 billion in grant funding is available to public safety departments. BRINC Drones has partnered with Lexipol and Police1 to provide leadership, guidance and the expertise needed to help agencies navigate the law enforcement grant process. Expert grant coaches will guide you throughout the tedious grant process to put you on the right track to receiving a law enforcement grant.
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  • 1:1 unlimited, personalized grant consulting from Senior Grant Consultants
  • Customized grant research specific to department’s funding needs
  • Reviews of department grant narratives and applications
  • Access to Corporate Grantfinder
  • Ongoing, pre-screened, product eligible and grant alerts

Trust this tool to protect lives


BRINC Drones LEMUR Drone Front

Locate, Isolate & Communicate

31-minute flight time The LEMUR's novel battery technology is based on a Lithium-ion chemistry and allows for a best in-class flight time.