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Led by experienced trainers in tactical operations and critical incident management, our hands-on, small group training focuses on deploying BRINC technology effectively.
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BRINC familiarization and overview

The BRINC training course delivers a succinct overview of LEMUR operations, focusing on safety, maintenance, battery care, and accessory usage, with a practical session to enhance flight skills.

Aircraft components & hardware
Aircraft batteries & charging procedures
Basic aircraft operations & flight skills
Pre & post flight procedures
Aircraft maintenance
Glass breaking & two-way communication
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1 Day

BRINC ground school

BRINC ground school provides operators with thorough training in flying the LEMUR, incorporating simulated scenarios to teach effective aircraft deployment, flight skills, and feature usage.

Understanding your aircraft
Aircraft operations and flight skills
Maintenance procedures
Scenario based training
Live structure clearing
Confined space operations
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