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BRINC Training

At BRINC, we provide a reality-based sUAS experience to public safety & defense professionals with an emphasis on tactical operations, situational awareness, and evidence-based decision making. Led by BRINC trainers who possess exceptional experience in tactical operations, critical incident management and program management, students will experience small group, hands-on training with an enhanced focus on deploying BRINC technology.
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BRINC familiarization and overview

The BRINC familiarization and overview training course allows operators to identify and understand the basic operation, safety, and maintenance procedures of the LEMUR S. This overview will cover the nomenclature of the LEMUR S, battery charging, and maintenance procedures. The video repeater receiver box and accessory kit will also be discussed, and a demonstration will allow for a basic understanding of flight skills.

Aircraft components & hardware
Aircraft batteries & charging procedures
Basic aircraft operations & flight skills
Pre & post flight procedures
Aircraft maintenance
Repeater/Receiver and accessory kit overview
Glass breaking & two-way communication
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2 Days

BRINC ground school

BRINC ground school is a 3 day course that teaches operators how to fly the LEMUR S. The aircraft will be used by operators to locate, communicate, and isolate people in indoor operations. Students are taught how to conduct a pre and post flight procedure on the aircraft and operate it in various skill building exercises. Students build their skills gradually though custom computer simulators, micro training drones and the LEMUR S. Students are taught to conduct minor field repairs and pilot the aircraft with several accessories such as the glass breaker, flood light, payload dropper and terrestrial robot mount. Students are then placed in various simulated scenarios where they will operate the aircraft indoors to accomplish several specific tasks. Students are tested in three specific areas: aircraft deployment, flight skills, and maintenance procedures.

Understanding your aircraft
Developing flights skills on a custom simulator
Developing flight skills on a micro drone
Aircraft operations and flight skills
Maintenance procedures
Hands-on training with the accessory kit and repeater/receiver box
Scenario based training
Live structure clearing
Confined space operations
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