Unified Drone Operations

Harness the full potential of BRINC technology with LiveOps – an all-in-one operations platform accessible from any modern browser.

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Pre-, Post- and Active Response

LiveOps stands with your team at each phase — streamlining program management, deployment, and simplifying evidence storage.

AR Map Overlays
Live Streams
Place and Record Calls
Realtime Floor Plans
Evidence Storage
Transparency Portal

Remote Flight Operations

Easily deploy and pilot drones from your browser.

  • Automatically dispatch drones to incident locations
  • Remotely control drones
  • Stream live video from any incident
  • Control attachments and Stations
Augmented Reality Overlays

Contextualize Your Live Feed

See street names and addresses directly on live video feeds. Leverage an extra layer of intelligence to coordinate response and pinpoint exact locations.

Multi-Drone Live Streaming

Scales to the Mission

Stream your entire BRINC fleet to LiveOps — viewable on a single page.

  • Drone streams automatically populate
  • Rearrange feeds on the fly
  • Expand feeds of interest
Drone Response Center

Manage City Wide Drone Deployments

View a complete overview of your jurisdiction, receive dispatch information, and quickly deploy drones to emergencies.

  • View available drones
  • Receive calls for service
  • Select a Station to deploy from
  • Deploy drones to scene
Airspace Awareness

Ensure Safe Operations

Understand your airspace and automatically reroute drones with integrated ADS-B, ground-based radar, weather data and more.

  • ADS-B
  • Ground-based radar
  • Weather

Connect to Existing Systems

LiveOps connects to CAD, RTCC, evidence management, ALPR, gunshot detection, 911 call sharing software and more to integrate drones seamlessly into daily operations.

Stream and Store Maps

Access LiDAR Map Data in Realtime

Operators can view, filter and slice LiDAR data from active LEMUR 2 drones. These maps update as the drone flies, and can be converted from 3D maps to 2D floorplans with the Slicer tool.

Move your mouse outside of map window to scroll further

Informed Before Entry

Visualize and understand the environment before sending officers inside.

Streamlined Post-Action Reports

No more hand drawn floorplans. Get your team home faster after an extended callout.

Access Floorplans of Critical Areas

Store maps in your jurisdiction for emergency planning.

Directly initiate two-way communications to any BRINC device from LiveOps, facilitating swift de-escalation from anywhere in the world.

Live Communications

Place and Record Calls To Any BRINC Device


AI-Powered Real Time Transcriptions

Access live transcriptions as the mission happens to track ongoing negotiations and quickly brief incoming personnel.

  • Automatically linked to a mission
  • Enhanced accuracy post-mission
  • Expedite evidence review
Transparency Dashboard

Provide Clear and Open Public Insight into your Program

Easily maintain a public record of daily drone flights and a dashboard highlighting program statistics – readily available to your community at all times.

  • Drone flight history maps
  • Drone program statistics

BRINC Vault Evidence & Data Storage

LiveOps serves as a definitive post-mission repository for flight logs and evidence storage.

BRINC Vault allows teams to seamlessly access mission-critical data, with CJIS-compliant logs ensuring the integrity and admissibility of records as evidence.

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Call Recordings

Any calls placed from LiveOps to a connected BRINC device are automatically stored and tagged to a mission.

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Visual and thermal footage from your connected drone fleet is stored for each mission.

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LiDAR data from LEMUR 2 is recorded for each mission, with the ability to convert 3D data into 2D floorplans.

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Flight Logs

Access historical mission data tied to each flight, including the pilot, location, purpose, FAA registration number and more.

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Training Hub

A comprehensive resources section with quick access to the BRINC support team and a host of training videos and documentation.

Possibilities Grid Image Possibilities Grid Image

Team Notes

Enable your team to contribute in real time with private messages during calls, providing vital information to crisis negotiators and ground personnel.

Possibilities Grid Image Possibilities Grid Image

Smart Mission Syncing

Drop in offline mission footage and LiveOps will automatically sort and tag it to a mission, removing the monotony of traditional upload workflows.

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Public API

Integrate LiveOps into your agency’s broader technology infrastructure, whether that be integrating data from CAD or sending evidence automatically to your DEMS platform of choice.

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CJIS Compliant

Evidence Preparation

LiveOps incorporates a suite of tools to efficiently store and manage evidence – making data from BRINC devices readily available for prosecution teams.


Audio recordings are analyzed more intensely after a mission for enhanced transcription accuracy


Translate transcriptions post-mission, enhancing accessibility and streamlining evidence review.

Audit Trails

Prove chain of custody on evidence and indefinitely archive all actions taken by users within LiveOps

Flight Logs

Access to Rich Mission Data

Usage Logs View and filter each mission
Map View Locate past drone missions
After Action Reports Records and notes from a deployment
Team & Fleet Management

Manage Hardware & Team Access at Scale

As your drone program expands, LiveOps grows with you. The software offers rich user controls, sub teams, hardware assignment and usage tracking.

Manage Users

Easily adjust user permissions based on three roles – viewer, standard user and admin.

Create Teams

Access live streams and communications based on teams.

Manage Firmware

View and push software updates to connected BRINC devices.


LiveOps is a Secure Facility

We employ stringent data governance, with encryption both in transit and at rest, to ensure the security of your mission data and maintain evidence integrity.

Your Data, Your Business

Every piece of data generated by your agency in LiveOps remains exclusively yours.

AES-256 / FIPS 140-2 Encrypted

Connected BRINC devices utilize top-tier cryptographic standards for the utmost data security.

Data Never Leaves the US

All data is securely hosted on AWS servers within the U.S., aligning with BRINC's commitment to domestic data residency.

CJIS Compliant

LiveOps adheres to FBI’s CJIS standards for managing criminal justice information, guaranteeing lawful and secure data handling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the cloud provider for LiveOps?

LiveOps is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) only in United States regions. Our current cloud is hosted in Oregon, US.

Is the LiveOps cloud provider CJIS compliant?

Yes. Information about AWS CJIS compliance can be found here.

Can AWS employees access my LiveOps data?

No, the FBI has worked with AWS to acknowledge that the commercial AWS environment is CJIS compliant and employees cannot access the data.

Is LiveOps only in the US?

Yes. LiveOps is only hosted in CJIS compliant regions and data is not sent outside of the US.

Is LiveOps data encrypted at REST?

Yes. LiveOps abides by CJIS encryption at REST requirements.

Is LiveOps data encrypted in TRANSIT?

Yes. LiveOps abides by CJIS encryption in TRANSIT requirements.

Does LiveOps require Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Yes. LiveOps requires 2FA for all login attempts by all user types.

Will my LiveOps evidence be CJIS compliant?

Yes. Evidence stored in LiveOps will be stored in BRINC Vault which is CJIS compliant once evidence management is offered.

Is cellular data encrypted in transit during livestream?

Yes. Data is encrypted using TLS during livestream and is separate from evidentiary data, and thus separated from CJIS requirements.

Will my data be CJIS compliant if I download it locally?

Yes. The data is Encrypted at REST per CJIS and will be Encrypted in Transit to your local computer pursuant to CJIS compliance requirements.

How is my evidentiary data from the drone stored in LiveOps?

Your data is stored on your drone’s SD card which can then be uploaded to LiveOps for storage.

Are streamed 3D maps stored In LiveOps?

3D map data is streamed live from the drone to the cloud and to your computer. This data is stored for 24 hours in the cloud. The original file can then be uploaded via the SD card to be stored in LiveOps indefinitely.

Is the streamed telemetry data I see on the video stored in the cloud?

You will see telemetry such as cell signal strength and battery percentage on your livestream which is only provided for real-time information. This data is also accessible once uploaded from the drone’s SD card into LiveOps.