Blake ResnickFounder & CEO of BRINC

From founding to expansion, Blake has kept BRINC focused on building life saving technology for first responders.
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About Blake Resnick

Motivated by Tragedy

A Las Vegas native, Blake felt compelled to build technology for first responders in 2017 after the deadliest mass shooting in American history occurred on the city’s famous Strip.

When he learned of the challenges first responders faced during the crisis as well as the dangers they encounter on a daily basis, Blake felt that implementing new technologies into public safety scenarios could help save lives.


Early Interest in Engineering

Blake started college at 14 years old and built a fusion reactor in his garage. During his time in University, Blake interned at a number of high-profile companies. At the British supercar company McLaren he developed a cheaper and more effective brake cooling system, and at Tesla he created a data-driven predictive model that determined CAN bus latency based on network utilization.

Then he went on to intern at the Chinese drone giant DJI, where he designed an active kevlar drone tether system to prevent flyaways, and also experimentally characterized the performance of an advanced lidar unit.


From Feedback to Founding

Achieving all of this before most teenagers had completed high school, at 17-years-old Blake made the decision to drop out of school and start a company. He had cold-called the local Las Vegas SWAT unit and met with its commander to better understand the needs of first responders. He then worked with them to develop the first BRINC drone design.

Blake officially founded BRINC in 2019 and over the past four years  worked to expand the company’s scope and scale across public safety verticals. He has been a passionate advocate for the proliferation of technology in public safety, and has been nationally recognized for his work. He is a Thiel Fellow, and was the youngest honoree on Forbes’ 2022 “30 Under 30” list in the social impact category.


BRINC Drones Founder & CEO

Throughout our journey, we have worked with first responders to understand their unique challenges and enhance their ability to do difficult jobs safely with best-in-class technology. We look forward to building upon our success and continually pushing the boundaries of what technology can offer to benefit public safety.

Blake Resnick

Founder & CEO at BRINC Drones
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