BRINC BALL Speak First

The BRINC BALL is a two-way communication device designed for de-escalation and negotiation for first responders. The BALL is a very durable, shock-resistant device with a microphone and speaker. It works just like a cell phone – just call the phone number associated with the BALLS SIM card, and speak first.


  • Designed with SWAT negotiations in mind, this two-way communication device’s internal electronics are encapsulated in a state-of-the-art resin providing shock-absorbing protection for the speaker, mics, and electronics. The BALL is a tough cell phone.  
  • The design does not allow access to the charging port or internals without a special tool, this ensures the ball cannot be messed with during operations 
  • BALL is too big to be flushed down a toilet 
  • BALL can be rolled down a hallway, thrown into a room, down a set of stairs, or dropped via a robot or drone

Technical Specifications

  • 4.7-inch diameter (similar to shot-put size)
  • Under 2 pounds
  • Audible Mic
  • Audible Speaker
  • Nearly 1-day battery life
  • Drop Test:  MIL Standard 810G 
  • Cellular connectivity via SIM card 
  • Battery fully charges within an hour