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BRINC Ball The Next Gen Throw Phone


Open communications.
Better outcomes.

BRINC Ball has everything you need to establish and maintain contact for a successful resolution.

Sensitive Mic
Cellular Connectivity
via SIM card
Powerful Speaker
60 ft speaker audibility

BRINC Ball is just a
call away

Quick to deploy and simple to operate. Just call or text BRINC Ball from any phone. No app or complicated
commands to use

4G / LTE
Simply dial-to-connect
Pinpoint location w/ GPS
Can’t be hung up on

Small and easy to transport

Paracord loop

3.0 mm

  • Weight

    1.8 lbs


4.9 in

Powered for days.
Built to last.

BRINC Ball is durable, and has been thoroughly tested. Dropping from a story up? It’ll just power cycle and be operational again in seconds.

Battery life 24 hour talk time
5 day standby time
Drop tested Survives 10-foot drops onto concrete

Pushed to the BRINC

Design, construction and manufacturing of the BRINC Ball has been pushed to the extreme for maximum durability. From drop tests to impact tests, each BRINC Ball is built to last.

Simplified controls.
No training needed.

BRINC Ball keeps you focused on your task, with a streamlined on/off switch, secured SIM slot and standard USB-C charging port.
SIM card slot

Internal electronics are encased in a shock-absorbing, resin material to protect the internal speaker, mic and other electronics.

  • Built for your everyday need
  • Tamper resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Water resistant

Operate BRINC Ball remotely

BRINC Ball can be easily operated with a set of pre-defined SMS commands.

Simply send a text to control volume, microphone, check battery status, view GPS location and more.

ONLINE BRINC Ball #45372 4800 Montana Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97005

Tracks coordinates

Each BRINC Ball is equipped with a GPS receiver. Text your unit “map” and it will respond with GPS coordinates and a Google Maps link of its location. Works best in outside environments with good cell reception. Updates location every 15 minutes.

Available Today for $1,999

Add the BRINC Ball Protection
and Data plan for $49/month

Our services

Training Programs


Protection Data Plan


Grant Assistance Program



Technology in the service of public safety.

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Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Seattle, WA 98103