Technology in the service of public safety

BRINC offers a connected ecosystem of tools designed to save lives. Request a Demo

End-to-End Public Safety Drone Programs

Hardware, software, and services fully supported by one partner – built exclusively for public safety right here in the USA.

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Airborne Support for Public
Safety Operations

Experience life saving benefits with
BRINC technology.

Average 911 Response Drone Arrival Times

Drones provide immediate on-scene information during emergencies.

Calls Cleared Solely with Drones

A portion of calls for service can be cleared without dispatching a unit.

Quicker Human Response Times

Drones clear non-priority calls so agencies can focus on what matters.

Faster Response. More Information.
Better Outcomes.

Increase Officer

Get eyes and ears in dangerous situations without risking lives and before officers arrive.

Reduce Use
of Force

Create distance and slow down the speed of operations with technology.

Deliver Life Saving

Make Narcan, AEDs, EpiPens, cell phones, and other equipment available anywhere in seconds.

Deployed by Over
500 Public Safety Agencies in All 50 States

Public Safety

Purpose Built

Our team has 300+ years of public safety experience.
Here are some of BRINC's mission-inspired features:

Glass Breaker

Used for effective entry into structures.

Emergency Markings

Responder is an emergency response vehicle, has red and blue lights and a siren.

Two-Way Comms

Transform the drone into a flying cell phone for negotiators.

2D Floor Plans

Create and share floor plan data as the drone flies.

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End-to-End Public Safety Drone Operations

From indoor tactical and outdoor overwatch, to dedicated support in starting and scaling drone programs.

Outdoor Overwatch
Drone as First Responder
Indoor Tactical
Crisis Communications
Drone Management Software

Fully Assured. Fully Compliant.
Manufactured in the USA.

Safeguard Program

Hardware/software upgrades, unlimited repairs & replacements.


Trusted Source

Designed, supported and manufactured in the USA. NDAA & CJIS compliant.


Dedicated Support

Your partner across every stage of
your program.


Policy development, part 107/
COA, public education


Training, drone operations,


Maintenance, repairs,
replacements, customer support


Upgrades, software
integrations, growth