October 13, 2022

BRINC Ball Now Available

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BRINC Ball Now Available To Enhance De-escalation Capabilities For Law Enforcement and First Responders

BRINC’s first non-drone product completely reinvents the traditional throw phone

Seattle, WA, Oct 13 – Today BRINC unveiled BRINC Ball, a first of its kind two-way communications device built to enhance de-escalation capabilities of First Responders. Coined the “next gen throw phone”, BRINC Ball is a critical tool for officers, search teams, and more to establish and maintain contact for peaceful resolutions.

“Ever since we introduced the BRINC LEMUR drone, we’ve been hearing about the challenges first responders face when attempting to communicate with suspects,” said Blake Resnick, CEO of BRINC. “We designed BRINC Ball from the ground up to offer a durable, reliable, and flexible tool to aid the first responder community in negotiation, communication, and de-escalation.”

BRINC Ball works essentially as a ruggedized throw phone. Agencies can deploy the ball in areas they cannot reach, and call the ball to activate its microphone and speaker. Any number of team members can join the call for negotiation or crisis situations. The ball has a variety of pre-programmed text commands for adjusting settings, checking battery life, and even viewing its GPS location. All of BRINC Ball’s features are accessible by calling or text, no app needed.

“Our communities deserve to have the best technology in the hands of their public safety professionals,” said Will Huddler, VP of Public Safety Operations at BRINC and former SWAT Commander at Las Vegas Metro Police Department. ”BRINC Ball represents our team’s passion to ensure first responders can communicate clearly and effectively with people in crisis. When communication is maintained, lives are saved.”

The BRINC Ball is water resistant and durable, tested to survive 10-foot drops onto concrete. Battery life is similarly extreme, with 24 hours of sustained talk time, or over 5 days of standby time.

BRINC will first unveil BRINC Ball at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition from October 15 to 18th in Dallas, Texas. BRINC will be demoing the product at booth #7827.

Pricing, Manufacturing & Availability

BRINC Ball is available for purchase directly through BRINC for $1,999 USD. The BRINC Ball Protection and Data Plan costs $49/month which includes a SIM card, data and a replacement plan.

First Responders can request a free testing and evaluation unit for a two-week period before deciding to purchase.

The BRINC Ball is Designed and Assembled in the USA. Units are available for sale today, although we expect new orders to be delivered in November as we clear pre-orders.

For more information about all the BRINC Ball features, to purchase a unit, or to request a unit for testing and evaluation, please visit: https://brincdrones.com/brinc-ball/


BRINC is an American technology company set on developing and deploying technology in the service of public safety. Conceived after the tragic mass shooting in 2017 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, BRINC is dedicated to deploying drone and other technologies that save lives.

Officially founded in early 2021, BRINC has since introduced the LEMUR S drone system, deployed by over 250 public safety agencies globally, and has grown to over 100 employees. Operating out of Las Vegas and Seattle, all BRINC products are developed in-house and built in the USA.

To learn more about BRINC, you can visit https://www.brincdrones.com/