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Miami Surfside Condo Collapse


BRINC Global Rescue Network Deployment at the Miami Surfside Condo Collapse

Deployment Period: BRINC started its operations on the ground on June 29th. The standing portion of the building was brought down with explosives on July 4th at 10:29 pm.

Duration: BRINC’s team was present for a total of 5 days: 3 days during the first round (June 29 – July 1) and 2 days during the second round (July 3-5).

Missions: The team executed 6 drone missions, with each mission lasting between 15 to 20 minutes. These missions were primarily focused on scouting the basement of the collapsed condominium.

Coordination: BRINC coordinated their deployment with Miami Dade SWAT and FEMA. Link to the article.

Contribution: BRINC’s internal video footage of the standing structure was used to assist FEMA personnel. The data captured partially informed the decision to demolish the still standing portion of the structure on July 4th.

Challenges: The team faced environmental challenges such as 20-40 mph winds and consistent rain, attributed to a tropical depression during their deployment.