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How BRINC Drones are Used in Law Enforcement

Crisis Negotiations

With its integrated two-way communications system, the drone serves as a flying phone for negotiators, reducing human risk and avoiding physical confrontations.

Missing Persons

Drones can cover large and difficult to reach areas in a short amount of time, while providing real-time visual data to rescuers.

Bomb Squad/EOD

Drones can fly to the area of interest, conduct an intel flight, and land to keep the area of interest under observation.

Active Shooter

Drones go in when it is too dangerous to send an officer, providing real-time visual information so officers can make better decisions.

Barricaded Suspect

Drones can be used to gain entry, perch, and act as a phone with 2-way communication between officers and a person in crisis to safeguard lives on both sides.

Traffic Collision

Drones equip responding officers with a tool to assess collision severity such as entrapment within a vehicle or potential hazards like overturned vehicles leaking fuel.

A New Era in Emergency Response

First On-Scene

With Drone as First Responder (DFR) see what is going on at an incident before emergency personnel arrive on scene.

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First Inside

Gain immediate situational awareness inside and outside with the drone’s cameras, flood light, and mapping sensors.

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Situational Awareness for the Whole Team


Flight app displays real-time views and enables control of your drone. Runs on the included BRINC controller.

Stream PC


Access live video feeds or Realtime Floor Plans remotely from any number of drones. Runs on any modern browser.

Lessons from Early DFR Adopters Show Large, Positive Impacts


Drones Respond Faster to Calls

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Calls Cleared Solely With Drones

Deliver Life Saving Payloads

Data from Chula Vista PD’s DFR Program*

Drone as First Responder (DFR) Playbook

A comprehensive guide to funding, staffing, and regulatory considerations.

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Law Enforcement
Customer Testimonials

Las Vegas Metro PD

It's invaluable. You can replace this, you can't replace an officer, so we're keeping our officers safe...

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Melanie O'Daniel SWAT Commander
Kansas City PD

We use LEMUR to enter the structure prior to TRT officers, scout the interior, post up on a un-cleared stairwell...

Testimonials Icon
Guy Kirtley Detective
Fort Wayne PD (Indiana)

The versatility and durability that it offers, from being able to see in the dark to two-way communication, makes it a very robust tactical drone.

Testimonials Icon
Matt Rowland Officer
Beverly Hills PD

BRINC, their staff, their equipment training are second to none.

Testimonials Icon
Robert Maycott Lt
Atlanta Police Department Drone Unit J

Its feature set is perfect for law enforcement and we really enjoy our daily interactions with the company.

Testimonials Icon
James Cunningham SPO
Connecticut State Police

The Connecticut State Police would like to thank the entire Brinc Team for their ingenuity which allows us to sleep better at night.

Testimonials Icon
Chad Gomez Detective

Simplify Your Drone Program Management and Leave the Hassles Behind

Always get the latest BRINC technology plus unlimited replacements & repairs with the BRINC Safeguard Program

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Today, BRINC products are deployed by over 400 public safety agencies globally to initiate contact without force and save lives.

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