March 21, 2024

Unified Drone Operations with BRINC LiveOps

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Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the full capabilities of LiveOps, a cutting-edge software platform designed for first responders. LiveOps integrates with the BRINC hardware ecosystem, including LEMUR 2, BRINC Ball, and future drones, to provide teams with a unified platform for live streaming drone video feeds, communicating during crisis situations, storing evidence, and managing drone operations. Below we’ll cover some of the key capabilities of LiveOps.

Multi-Drone and Multi-Camera Live Streaming

BRINC devices integrate seamlessly with the LiveOps platform to instantly live stream LEMUR 2 camera feeds to the entire team, viewable on any internet-connected device. Operators can easily toggle between various camera feeds – visual, thermal, and 3D maps – regardless of what the pilot is seeing, allowing for customizable views depending on each mission. This works beyond a single drone, with LiveOps users being able to arrange all connected BRINC drones to be viewable on a single screen.

BRINC livestreams
Drone live streams and real-time maps can be viewed on any modern browser – even on mobile devices.


Access Real-Time Floor Plans

The real-time maps feature on LiveOps utilizes LEMUR 2’s LiDAR sensors – lasers to measure distances to objects and surfaces –  to continuously gather data as it flies and scans, creating detailed 3D maps. These maps update in real-time during flight and can be converted to 2D floor plans using the Slicer tool, helping to document and get an understanding of the layout of a structure during or after a mission.

Real-time floor plans are built to streamline tactical workflows:
Informed Before Entry – Gain a clear understanding of the area layout before deploying officers to make entry.
Streamlined Post-Action Reports – Cut time spent manually drawing floor plans while improving accuracy.
Emergency Planning with Saved Floor Plans – Quickly access digital floor plans from past scans by address or map view.

lemur 2 maps
Toggle between 3D and 2d Maps to get the detail you need for a mission.


Place and Record Calls 

LiveOps facilitates two-way communications with external cell phones or BRINC devices, aiding in de-escalation efforts. With LiveOps, users can initiate calls and add additional participants directly from their browser. Additionally, through LiveOps users can record calls for better documentation during critical negotiations.

AI-powered Call Transcriptions

LiveOps provides real-time, AI-powered call transcriptions during missions, assisting negotiations and personnel briefings. If calls are recorded, a second AI analysis refines transcription accuracy and enables additional features like translation, saving time in the prosecution stage.

AI call transcriptions
Real-time call transcriptions provide context and ensure details are not missed.


BRINC Vault Evidence & Data Storage

LiveOps serves as a post-mission database for call history, call recordings, call transcriptions, 3D maps, flight logs, drone footage and more. With BRINC Vault, teams can securely access mission-critical data, supported by CJIS-compliant logs for evidence integrity. LiveOps provides efficient evidence storage and management, ensuring data accessibility when needed.

brinc vault
View call history, call recordings, flight logs, drone footage and more.


Team & Fleet Management

LiveOps scales with your drone program, streamlining the management of additional devices and users. LiveOps offers team management of pilots, hardware tracking, and essential operational tools like flight logs, device location maps, and mission logs.

liveops team dashboard
Easily manage pilots, hardware, and monitor activity.


Training & Software Updates

The LiveOps resources section provides quick access to training videos, quickstart guides, and various ‘how-to’ product videos. Additionally, the software update portal is readily available within this section, enabling the management of both controller and drone firmware.

training hub
Access training material right through LiveOps.



LiveOps has FIPS 140-2 encryption for both data in transit and at rest, ensuring the integrity of your mission data. Data is securely hosted on AWS servers within the U.S., adhering to domestic data residency requirements. LiveOps is CJIS compliant, meeting FBI standards for managing criminal justice information, ensuring secure data handling.

Public API

Integrate LiveOps into your agency’s existing technology infrastructure. Whether it’s integrating data from Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) or automatically sending evidence to your preferred Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) platform, LiveOps enables connection with your systems.

You can learn more about BRINC LiveOps and how it can help your agency at our dedicated LiveOps page here, or contact a BRINC representative below.

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