December 15, 2022

BRINC and Remote ID

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The FAA has published regulations requiring that all drone operators in America must pilot their aircraft while following Remote ID requirements by September 16, 2023.

To ensure that BRINC operators can operate in compliance with FAA guidelines, BRINC is developing technology to retrofit the BRINC fleet currently in operation by first responders around the world, while also planning ahead for the future.

Remote ID and Indoor Operations

Over the years, the BRINC LEMUR S has become the premier indoor drone that SWAT or other first responders turn to when looking to establish communication with a suspect. As part of that, our users should be aware of the regulatory nuances of launching the drone from outside vs inside.

When BRINC drones are deployed from indoors for an indoor mission, they do not need to follow Remote ID or any other FAA guidelines. In this case, the user may choose to remove any Remote ID module if it has an impact on the life saving mission. Alternatively, when BRINC drones are deployed from outdoors – such as to gain entry with the glass break attachment or to get eyes outside first – users should take heed to follow Remote ID and all other FAA guidelines.

BRINC Drones Purchased Before December 16th

For drones already out in the field, we are implementing a simple broadcast RID module that will allow the airframe to be in compliance with FAA guidelines. When mounted, this module broadcasts the drone’s ID and other required telemetry information.

The mounting process is simple and can be conducted by the user themself with instructions from BRINC.

You can purchase a RID module directly from your previous sales contact at BRINC, whether that be a distributor or a BRINC sales member. If you are not sure who to contact, you can also email Your customer success manager can also help advise and steer you in the right direction.

BRINC Drones Purchased After December 16th

For new orders after December 16th, users can expect a slight adjustment in their purchase order, and we will provide a drone pre-installed with the necessary RID hardware. Future drones developed by BRINC will similarly be equipped with a RID module that enable the operator to be compliant with the FAA regulations.

Want to get started in retrofitting your BRINC fleet to be Remote ID compliant? Click through to the form below and we’ll reach out with more information.