Size Height: 3.9 in / 99 mm

Width: 16 in / 405 mm

Length: 13 in / 332 mm
Takeoff Weight 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg
Max Speed 48 mph
Operational temperature - 4°F to 113°F / -20°C to 45°C
Max Flight Time 20 minutes
Max Perch Time 6 hours
Flight Modes Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Manual
Water Resistance Light rain. Allow to completely dry after use.
Radio Control System
Operating frequency User defined between 2.10 – 2.50 GHz
Encryption AES 256
Range Up to 3 miles / 5 km depending on the operating environment and line of sight
Mesh Network Compatibility Meshes with other LEMUR 2s and compatible radios for increased radio performance
Video Latency to Controller <150ms
4G Module
Video Latency to LiveOps over 4G LTE ~3.5 seconds, varies based on the local environment
Gimbal Stabilization 1-axis
Gimbal Mechanical Range 190° (+/- 95°)
Lighting On Gimbal 1 x blue light, 1 x white light
Gimbal Light Modes Persistent, Strobe
Visual Camera
Sensor Effective pixels: 13MP
Video resolution 4K Native

1080p Recorded

1080p Streamed
Field of View 146°
Scenarios Day and night with onboard white light and blue LEDs
Thermal Camera
Sensor FLIR Lepton, 160x120
Frame Rates 7Hz
2-Way Audio Comms
Speaker Output 96dB in Flight Mode

80dB in Perch Mode
Microphone 1x front facing, 10 feet speech intelligibility distance while perched
Capacity 97.2 Wh
Voltage 10.8V Nominal / 12.6V Maximum
Nominal Discharge Current 20 A
Charge Current 8A
Charge Time 80 minutes from 0 to 100%
Glass Breaker Break open glass obstructions and windows. Tested to break:

• Non-tinted & tempered auto glass
• OEM solar tint & tempered auto glass
• Single pane, non-tinted & annealed or tempered residential glass
• Double pane, non-tinted & annealed or tempered residential glass
Payload Dropper Carries up to 1lb, can drag heavier objects
Sensors, Safety & Autonomy Systems
Autonomy Capabilities Real-time object awareness, floor-plan creation, dynamic speed adjustment
Autonomy Sensors Forward LiDAR mapper, dual forward tracking cameras and downward LiDAR altimeter.
Forward Facing LiDAR 117° FOV for 3D point clouds 570,000 Points per Second
Dual Forward Tracking Cameras GPS denied position-hold 100° FOV each
Redundant IMUs Reliable orientation estimation
Downward LiDAR Altimeter Accurate altitude-hold up to 50m AGL Up to 388 readings per second
Map Display Formats 2D – BRINC Controller or BRINC LiveOps

3D – BRINC LiveOps
Remote Controller
Screen Resolution 1920x1200
Output Connection HDMI
Charging Cable USB-C, compliant with USB PD 3.0
Battery Life 6-8 hours at normal brightness

4 hours at 100% screen brightness
Charge Time 150 minutes from 0 to 100%

105 minutes from 0 to 80%
Screen Max Brightness 2500 nits
Weight 3.23 lbs / 1.47 KG


Technology in the service of public safety.

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