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Pre-orders of the LEMUR 2 start now.

Demos start in late April.

Shipping commences in Q3.

Autonomy Engine

The LEMUR 2 creates a 3D model of its surroundings that lives onboard the drone at all times and informs the Smart Speed Obstacle Awareness function.

This 3D data is sent to the paired Remote Controller in real time and displayed as a 2D Realtime Floor Plan. The operator can adjust the z-axis (or altitude) of the slice at any time on the remote controller.

For operators viewing via BRINC LiveOps, they can toggle between both a 2D and 3D live view of the data.

As the LEMUR 2 is intended for indoor use and meant to push against objects when needed, BRINC has deployed a more flexible autonomy system than other drone systems.

Instead of locking operators out of inching close to walls and objects, the LEMUR 2 will move into a more refined flight mode when close to objects. Operators can remain in this more refined mode, or switch back into top gear.

This system can be adjusted through the BRINC Pilot OS and turned off.

Yes, the BRINC Autonomy Engine works in all (or no) light conditions. This is enabled by a combination of the integrated 3D LiDAR Sensor and the Tracking Camera paired with an Autonomy Floodlight.

In night time or dark interior conditions, the Autonomy Floodlight will automatically be turned on to assist the Tracking Camera in collecting accurate data for 360° Position Hold.


The BRINC team is available to answer any questions you might have on the LEMUR 2. Shoot us an email at sales@brincdrones.com or request a demo to speak to us in person about the LEMUR 2


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