Frequently Asked Questions


LiveOps is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) only in United States regions. Our current cloud is hosted in Oregon, US.

Yes. Information about AWS CJIS compliance can be found here (

No, the FBI has worked with AWS to acknowledge that the commercial AWS environment is CJIS compliant and employees cannot access the data.

Yes. LiveOps is only hosted in CJIS compliant regions and data is not sent outside of the US.

Yes. LiveOps abides by CJIS encryption at REST requirements.

Yes. LiveOps abides by CJIS encryption in TRANSIT requirements.

Yes. LiveOps requires 2FA for all login attempts by all user types.

Yes. Evidence stored in LiveOps will be stored in BRINC Vault which is CJIS compliant once evidence management is offered.

Yes. Data is encrypted using TLS during livestream and is separate from evidentiary data, and thus separated from CJIS requirements.

Yes. The data is Encrypted at REST per CJIS and will be Encrypted in Transit to your local computer pursuant to CJIS compliance requirements.

Your data is stored on your drone’s SD card which can then be uploaded to LiveOps for storage starting in Q1 2024.

3D map data is streamed live from the drone to the cloud and to your computer. This data is stored for 24 hours in the cloud. The original file can then be uploaded via the SD card to be stored in LiveOps indefinitely.

You will see telemetry such as cell signal strength and battery percentage on your livestream which is only provided for real-time information. This data is also accessible once uploaded from the drone’s SD card into LiveOps.


Final assembly, calibration, and configuration of the LEMUR 2 drone is done at BRINC headquarters in Seattle, WA, USA.

Yes, the LEMUR 2 drone, controller, and battery pack are all NDAA compliant. This includes compliance with section 889 introduced in the FY19 NDAA bill, section 848 introduced in the FY20 NDAA bill and the American Security Drone Act introduced in 2024.

The LEMUR 2 is composed of a combination of BRINC designed custom printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA)  and modules sourced from trusted suppliers in allied nations. No PCBAs or compute (CPU, MCU, GPU) components in the LEMUR 2 are sourced from suppliers or semiconductor companies based in Foreign Adversary nations.

The software & firmware in the LEMUR 2 drone is developed by a combination of BRINC and trusted USA and UK based suppliers. Software updates are provided directly by BRINC. No software is developed by or sourced from companies based in Foreign Adversary nations.

Yes. Mesh radio transmissions between controller and drone are AES-256 encrypted.

LEMUR 2 drones have no remote pilot capability. Direct pilot control of all drones, via our handheld controller, is also secured by AES-256 encryption.

45-50 minutes at 5A.


For maximum durability, the BRINC Ball’s internal electronics are housed in a state-of-the-art, shock-resistant resin material. This offers extreme durability, waterproofing and tamper resistance for critical operations.

All of the BRINC Ball features are just a call or text away, with no app required. For two-way communications, simply dial your BRINC Ball’s number to connect. Additional settings (e.g. volume or gain adjustment) or viewing status (e.g. battery life or viewing live location) can be controlled by texting the BRINC Ball’s number.

Yes, you can insert and manage your own SIM card.

The BRINC Ball features a total talk time of over 24 hours.


Yes. Our training curriculum is Nevada POST Certified.


All manufacturing and repair services are completed in the USA.

Due to the nature of our technology and the way it is used, we expect our operators to crash the system and put it in dangerous situations. To ensure our customers never have down time, we offer the BRINC Protection & Data Plan. The BRINC Protection & Data Plan is an annual service that offers unlimited repairs, spare propellers, spare parts, battery replacements, and two way communication data plan. This annual service also comes with a 1 day sustainment training, loaner program, and repair services on the BRINC accessory kit and repeater receiver box.

Simply call or email us and describe what happened. You can also log in to your customer portal and submit an RMA ticket that will go directly to our customer success team.

The LEMUR S offers secure and encrypted comms utilizing AES 128 and other proprietary technologies. Data only leaves the BRINC ecosystem when a physical connection is made to the hardware, further ensuring data security.

Yes. The LEMUR S is useful whenever you must search the interior of a structure.

There are no phone apps required, no forced firmware updates, and no forced grounding due to FAA airspace classification.

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