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Electrical Technician
Quality Manager
Quality Technician


Mechanical Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Embedded Software Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer
Autonomy Software Engineer
Electrical Engineering Manager
Quality Engineer
Industrial Engineer

Senior Autonomy Engineer

  • Develop drone flight stack firmware for Pilot assistance features.
  • Work on Autonomous drone algorithms including perception, motion planning and decision making.
  • Conceptualize, write and test high-quality code in C and debug identified drone faults.
  • Assist in relevant hardware/sensor selection, placement and integration.
  • Develop robotic machine learning systems and safety systems to enable the safe reliable navigation of autonomous drones.
  • Develop and implement computer engineering and computer machine learning techniques and technologies to enable intelligent control of autonomous drones.
  • Design, build and support autonomous drones using computer engineering and robotic engineering methodologies.
  • Build and implement testing systems and simulation programs to validate and test computer hardware code and corresponding software systems, including localization and mapping systems for robust pose estimation in drones.
  • Implement drone prototype code into good, high quality, testable production code for robotics machinery.
  • Design and manage the development of robotic systems using Robotic Systems Development methodologies and theories.
  • Develop and maintain camera based Deep Learning object detection models for operating in drones based on machine learning and robotic motion planning methodologies.
  • Compare and perform trade studies for analyzing data processing algorithms for satisfying drone product requirements based on content using algorithm techniques and robotics methodologies.
  • Develop the robotic Sensor fusion algorithms for fusing data from sensors as Cameras, Lidar, Radar and onboard safety systems for improving system reliability using computer vision and advanced multimodal machine learning theories.
  • Develop algorithms for motion planning and control of drones, using the principles and theories from deep reinforcement learning/path planning and decision machine in robotics.

Requirements: Master’ s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering with a focus in robotics, robotics engineering or a closely related field, + 12 months of experience in the job offered including in the development of algorithms.


Director of Government Relations
Director of Communications
APAC Sales Manager
Customer Success Specialist
Head of Marketing


HR Manager
Technical Recruiter


General Manager
Inside Sales Manager
Chief Pilot
Regional Marketing Manager
Administrative Assistant
Drone Technician