Blake Resnick, BRINC Drones Founder & CEO Makes Forbes List

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December 3, 2021

Blake Resnick Forbes 30 Under 30

The Forbes 30 under 30 Social Impact List is a prestigious award. It highlights those “tackling the world’s most intractable problems like climate change, mental health, and racial inequality”.

Blake Resnick, the 21-year-old Founder, and CEO of BRINC Drones heads the list as this year’s youngest honoree.

He also happens to be the most funded on the list as well. His stellar roster of investors includes Index Ventures, Sam Altman, and Scale AI’s Alexander Wang.

Resnick has been making headlines for good reason over the last year. His first response drones are saving lives and changing the way police officers and rescue teams handle emergencies.

For their first product, Resnick and team created the LEMUR S Drone. It is built with state-of-the-art technology and has features such as night vision, glass breaking capabilities, two-way audio, pilot assistance and an impressive 10 hours of perch time. Its battery technology is based on a lithium-ion chemistry and allows for 31 minutes of flight time. Additionally, thanks to a feature the team has labeled “Turtle Mode”, the mission isn’t over if the drone crashes and ends up on its back. It is programmed to simply flight itself over and relaunch. Other impressive specs of the drone include live video, door opening capabilities, and its ability to be programmed to take on various missions – making it incredibly modular and versatile.

Other honorees who made the 30 under 30 lists include Ariela Safira, the Founder of Real, a healthcare empire that provides guides and workshops, Jack Griffin, Founder of FoodFinder, the non-profit food pantry locator for those in need and Donte Miller, the Co-Founder of Village Micro Fund, the social impact fund dedicated to teaching, supporting and investing in black-owned businesses

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