Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the drones manufactured?

Currently, all manufacturing and repair services are completed in Las Vegas, NV.

What happens if I crash my drone? What program do you have in place to aid in my repair?

​Due to the nature of our technology and the way it is used, we expect our operators to crash the system and put it in dangerous situations. To ensure our customers never have down time, we offer a loaner guarantee. If you crash your system past normal repair and maintenance, which we teach during our 3-day training, you can send the drone back to our HQ and we will overnight you a loaner airframe to ensure your operations are not down because of repair time.

What is the process for reporting a crashed drone?

Simply call us and describe what happened. Once we do a quick video call to get a better scope of the damage we will either instruct you on how to repair the drone yourself and if the drone is beyond repair using our provided tool kit and spare parts kit, ship us your system for repair. We will overnight you a loaner system and create an incident report and quote for repairs.

Can I trust your product with my data?

The LEMUR S offers secure and encrypted comms utilizing AES 128 and other proprietary technologies. Data only leaves the BRINC ecosystem when a physical connection is made to the hardware, further ensuring data security.

Where do I send the drone back for repairs?

All repairs are completed at our HQ in Las Vegas, NV.

Can your drone be used for other applications other than tactical?

YES! The LEMUR S is useful whenever you must search the interior of a structure.

How do you stay on top of bugs, firmware issues, updates etc.?

There are no phone apps required, no forced firmware updates, and no forced grounding due to FAA airspace classification.

Do you offer financing?

YES! Contact us for more information.

Does the BRINC Controller have an HDMI port?

No. The LEMUR S uses an analog video signal and in the conversion from analog to digital, the user will experience a reduction in video quality and reliability. We use a BNC and BNC – RCA connector to ensure zero latency and the highest quality of video possible.