Locate and isolate

suspects easily


Tactical Solutions

Lives are at risk when SWAT teams push into high-risk search, no-knock warrant, and barricade situations. Our technology finds and enables communication with suspects in dangerous SWAT scenarios.

Brinc Drones LEMUR tactical Drone Rear

LEMUR Tactical Advantages

The LEMUR was built to launch from and partner with large terrestrial robots in tactical situations for locating, isolating and communicating with suspects.

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Ready for deployment in 45 secs

The LEMUR is ready for tactical applications in 45 seconds allowing teams to respond immediately to developing situations.


The LEMUR is a powerful and reliable tactical tool that can save time and lives.


A RUGGEDIZED indoor quadcopter

Breach Windows & Doors

Breaching the windows and doors of structures including skyscrapers, shacks and buses to execute interior searches.

Locate Suspects

Finding and identifying suspects in broad daylight and blackout conditions without the need for line-of-sight operation.

2-Way Communication

The LEMUR comes equipped with a powerful 2-way communication system, enabling crisis negotiators to talk through the drone and negotiate with suspects (enabled by 4G/LTE cellular).

Deploy Payloads

Deploy payloads when SWAT determines they are necessary (i.e. glass breakers, general purpose droppers, downward facing light, etc.)

A proven and reliable tool

The LEMUR has been tested in hundreds of real-world SWAT call-outs. It's a proven, powerful, and reliable tactical tool that can save time and lives. The LEMUR is useful for tactical teams of ALL kinds:
  • 3-Letter Agencies
  • SWAT
  • Military
  • Police
  • Special Forces

Unprecedented capabilities

The LEMUR can carry a wide variety of novel payloads. It can also be easily upgraded with new capabilities as they are developed. With a nearly half-day perch time, the LEMUR can be operationally relevant for hours.

Made in the USA

All BRINC Drones hardware is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's invaluable. You can replace this, you can’t replace an officer, so we're keeping our officers safe, and we're putting them in a position where they don't have to use force on an individual.
SWAT Commander, Lt. Melanie O’Daniel

Trust this tool to protect lives


BRINC Drones LEMUR Drone Front

Locate, Isolate & Communicate

31-minute flight time The LEMUR's novel battery technology is based on a Lithium-ion chemistry and allows for a best in-class flight time.