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L e m u r s


L e m u r s

31 min

Flight time

Novel battery chemistry lets
LEMUR S fly longer than
other drones in its weight

10 hour

Perch time

The LEMUR S can remain
operational while idle to
provide fully-functional
audio and video for
extended missions.


12.7 in


3.7 in


15.2 in


  • Weight

    2.5 lbs
  • Max acc

  • Max speed

    50 mph
  • Operation temperature

    120 °F
  • Charging speed

    90 %
    45 min
  • Transmission range

    8 mi

LEMUR S is a flying
cell phone.

LEMUR S has a speaker and a microphone
for two-way communication, offering de-
escalation capabilities in the toughest

106 dB

Integrated Speaker

Small, lightweight 106 dB
SPL at 1m loudspeaker with
adjustable volume. Can be
heard at up to 500ft (152m)
at max power level.


Integrated microphones

Two ultra-sensitive microphones pick up footsteps, opening doors, human voices, etc up to 75 ft away.

Call in multiple team
members to participate in

Fully encrypted - all LEMUR S communications are fully encrypted and stored securely.



Reinforced Body

Nylon body parts are reinforced with carbon fiber for optimal durability. Fully enclosed props allow LEMUR S to bounce off walls and push open doors.

IP 24

Water resistance

Designed to operate in wet and rainy conditions without issue. Meeting IP 24 guidelines based on internal testing.

Stress Tested

LEMUR S has the ability to survive high energy crashes and continue operating afterwards.

Day/Night Vision System

The LEMUR S has a 1080p, 60 fps wide-angle fixed lens with a built in night-vision system and IR illuminators so you can see in all lighting conditions.

Turtle Mode

Crashes don’t end missions with a BRINC drone. If the LEMUR S ends up on its back, it can flip itself over and relaunch to finish a mission.

Tungsten Carbine Impactor

Protection Case

Glass Breaker

Gain Access

Effective at breaking tempered, automotive, and most residential glass. The glass breaker allows LEMUR S to gain access into structures.

This attachment can be used to ventilate buildings during structure fires, make entry during active shooter situations, and save lives in critical situations.

Door pusher

To LEMUR S, most interior doors are a minor inconvenience.

The system can push open partially ajar interior doors or be used as a battering ram.

Robot Mount

Landing strip drone mount with 3M VHB tape backing enables takeoff and landing from ground robots.


A c c e s s o r y   k i t


Accessory Kit

  • Glass breaker

    The glass breaker allows LEMUR S to make entry into structures. Effective at breaking tempered, automotive, and most residential glass.

  • Landing strip drone mount

    Takeoff and land from a robot, vehicle or anywhere else.

  • General purpose dropper

    Drop off lightweight objects, drag life vests and more.

  • High powered flood light

    Light up a room and improve visibility for your team.



Video Repeater
/ Receiver Box


Proprietary handheld controller hosts a 7- inch built-in LCD. A powerful RC transceiver has been purpose-built to penetrate walls for indoor operations.
Ergonomic grips on the backside make it easy to use for extended missions, which compliment the extended 5 hours of battery life on the controller.
The joysticks fold for secure storage.

  • Video Out

    Included BNC-A cable and port allow you to connect to an external monitor or command system.

  • Strong Signal

    Transceiver is optimized for indoor ops, penetrating through dense materials for stable operations.

  • Secure

    Signals are scrambled and all data is encrypted on the device.

  • Near-Zero Latency

    Video latency is near zero (<10 ms) for a smoother piloting experience.


The LEMUR S pops in and out of the case in seconds. For deployment, all you need to do is screw in a battery and power on the controller.


Each LEMUR S comes with two custom chemistry batteries for best in class flight time. They screw in securely to the back of the drone.

Battery Checker

Included battery checker lets you quickly identify which batteries need to be charged and which are ready for duty.


Be prepared and have maximum uptime of LEMUR S with additional tools, spare parts and propellers.

SD Cards

Extra storage for SD cards to securely store media captured on the device.


The ruggedized controller hosts a volume knob, switch for activating the accessories and more. The support bracket on the back tilts the controller for better visibility when put on a flat surface, and allows the controller to be hung for storage.


Charge both the drone and controller batteries at once.

Power Cables

Plug in and charge rapidly to stay operational longer.

Repeater Box

The video receiver/repeater box is housed in a small form factor, magnetized Pelican case that can be easily attached to anything metal or mounted to a tripod.

  • improves drone operating range/ material penetration
  • transmits live video to command station displays
  • Magnetized

    Securely connect the case onto a vehicle, tripod or more.

  • Extend Range

    Quickly deploy the repeater box to extend the range of the controller or further access a challenging environment.

  • Portable

    Small and lightweight, the repeater box doesn’t slow you down.

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