ICOR Technology and BRINC Drones Partner on Air/Ground Robot Integration for First Responders

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March 28, 2022

ICOR Technology and BRINC Drones are excited to announce an integration partnership to advance air and ground robotics for public safety operators globally. As a leader in the field of tactical and explosive disposal robotics, ICOR has spent decades perfecting their CALIBER line of terrestrial robots that have saved countless lives. Combined with innovative new technology from BRINC Drones, the two companies are striving towards a common goal of saving lives and creating new solutions that help first responders be more efficient and safe during dangerous operations. The two companies will be collaborating on different mounting brackets that will allow joint end users to seamlessly deploy the LEMUR S from the CALIBER line of robots. Being customer focused is a shared value between the two companies and together, ICOR and BRINC will be conducting joint demonstrations and actively seeking feedback from the community on how the integration can improve the experience of end users.

“ICOR is thrilled to be working with a new, innovative technology start-up like BRINC. Their purpose built indoor tactical drones are a perfect fit for our ground based robots. Together, the two technologies will continue to advance our missions of saving lives. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with BRINC,” said ICOR President, Alexander (Sasha) Grant.”

“BRINC could not be more excited to partner with a company like ICOR. They have paved the way for robotics in the first responder community for decades and we are honored to be able to work alongside such a well known and respected organization. Together, I have no doubt that we will continue to make the jobs of first responders safer and easier.” said BRINC Founder and CEO, Blake Resnick.

About ICOR Technology: Based in Ottawa, Canada, ICOR manufactures high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective robots, tools, and equipment for EOD and SWAT communities worldwide. ICOR embodies decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise, an acute understanding of EOD/IEDD marketplace, and a strong desire to save and protect lives. The company was founded by Hany Guirguis, Alexander (Sasha) Grant, and Ken Molnar.

About BRINC: BRINC is an American technology company building a new class of drones to keep people safe in dangerous situations: First Response Drones. BRINC creates highly-reliable systems with the advanced ability to fly indoors and provide 2-way communication, to protect first responders, citizens, and our communities.