Written by admin

July 4, 2021

Federal grants can be a fundamental tool in influencing criminal justice and public safety systems across the nation. With over $8 billion in grant funding available to public safety departments, it’s a wonder why so many are not taking the opportunity to capitalize on the benefits these grants can provide. 

Grant funding can be the compound for change for public safety departments when utilized effectively, yet some are sometimes unaware or ill-equipped to navigate and leverage the grant process themselves.  BRINC Drones’ new grant assistance program may be the new solution in identifying, consolidating, and regulating the application process for public safety departments nationwide.    

BRINC Drones partners with Lexipol and Police1 to provide leadership, guidance and the expertise needed to help agencies navigate the law enforcement grant process seamlessly.  Not only do they help to identify grants to fund specific programs and projects through a database of every federal, state, foundation or private grant available, but public safety departments also receive hands-on grant application assistance support throughout the complete application process.

With this particular grant assistance program offering one-on-one personalized consulting, customized grant research specific to department’s funding needs, and on-going and pre-screened grant alerts, it’s easy to acknowledge why BRINC Drones’ Grant Assistance Program and its expert coaches have a success rate 60% higher than the national average.  

Entering into the new year with financial ramifications, this is a whole different political, social and economic environment inoculating many more compound issues into the grant-funding process.  At this point, it is critical that applicants recognize, understand and accurately report contemporary political, social and financial issues in grant application processes.  Let someone else take the lead-stick to a grant assistance program, particularly one that’s skilled, practiced, and proficient in getting approvals.  BRINC Drones partnership with Lexipol and Police1 may be the start to your solution in obtaining the appropriate grant that works for you & your department.